10 benefits of hemp clothing

10 benefits of hemp clothing

If you enjoy the concept of wearing an environmentally friendly outfit, then perhaps you might want to consider clothes composed of fibers of the hemp plant.

Did you know that hemp was one of the first fibers to be used for the production of clothing?

Unfortunately, hemp has the burdensome stigma of being mixed with a recreational drug that has nearly nothing to do with hemp.

This is unfortunate because clothes made of hemp are eco-friendly, comfortable, long-lasting, and have so many other benefits that benefit us and the environment. 

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Here are 10 benefits of hemp clothing

1. Eco-Friendly 

Growing the hemp plant is not as damaging to the ecosystem as other fabrics; for example, cotton plants usually rob the soil of nutrients while hemp promotes, restores, and also detoxifies the soil.

Hemp is not just really natural to grow, but it's even more beneficial for the environment.

2. Strong & Durable 

Another valued quality of hemp clothing is its strong material and long-lasting durability. Hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers.

Did you know that hemp is four times more powerful than cotton? So when you decide to wear hemp clothing, you can be assured that it will last for a long time, and it will be resistant to wear and tears. 

3. Breathable 

A few fabrics keep you cozy in the winter, and others keep you fresh in the summer.

Still, only a few materials can do both, which is the case with hemp that can adapt to the different temperatures and keep you at the right temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

This is due to hemp' cellulose fibers that enable the material to have insulating and breathable properties.

4. Water Absorbent 

Due to its extremely absorbent material capacity, hemp can keep you dry on sizzling hot days.

Hemp superior absorbent quality also allows it to hold colors that provide your clothes with a lively color that doesn't discolor over time, which means that your clothes will remain in their beautiful colors for a longer time. 

5. Soft & Comfortable 

 Hemp contains beautiful fibers that make hemp clothing particularly comfortable.

Another fantastic fact is that hemp is one of the few fabrics that get softer with time; in fact, the more you wash is material, the softer it gets. 

6. Free of Chemicals 

It's very common for harmful chemicals to be used in the clothing industry,

One of the biggest problems with that is because those chemicals end up staying in our soil and cause contamination to our planet, which affects everything in our environment. 

7. Antimicrobial 

Hemp holds natural antimicrobial qualities, which makes it hard to grow mold and mildew.

That prevents your hemp clothing from getting smelly as well as staying fresh for a prolonged amount of time as opposed to other materials like cotton.

8. Protects You Against UV Light

The hemp acts as a natural blocker for UV light. UV harmful waves can lead to immune system impairment, early aging, and produce a notable danger in a diversity of skin cancers.

Hemp clothing can protect from those dangers that are caused by the direct light of the sun.

9. Absorbs Toxic

Hemp is one of the most efficient and direct sources used to improve, decrease, and eliminate toxic substances in our soil.

It has been proven that hemp is useful at destroying toxins from the environment. Planting hemp also supports healing the earth due to its ability to absorb toxic substances from the soil.

10. Grows Quickly & Needs Less Water 

Hemp can grow very quickly and its belief that it can even grow as twice as fast compared to cotton.

Hemp can promptly restore the soil after harvests, which is incredibly crucial for the planet's sustainability.

The world population keeps on growing, so we will naturally need more and more valuable sources that can grow fast.

Another one of its beneficial properties is that it doesn't use as much water as cotton.


It's impossible not to be amazed by the many benefits that hemp clothing has to offer us as a comfortable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly source of clothing.

Still, the impact that it has on our planet is mind-blowing. It's surprising why we aren't using more resources made with hemp.

The results are astonishing and the benefits are truly endless. 


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