20 Magical Forests You Can Explore This Year (2020)

20 Magical Forests You Can Explore This Year (2020)

There's something mysterious surrounding forests. Perhaps it's the obscure background for epic ventures and marvelous experiences or maybe it's the reality of reliving the magical and timeless fairy tales and legends. Losing yourself in one of the most amazing magical forests around the world is something that is unquestionably magical. Ancient forests enhance the chance of captivating your inner imagination. Hidden, magical, and hauntingly elegant, magical forests enchant visions of fictitious beings. Have you ever dared to lose yourself in a hidden magical forest?

What is a magical forest?

Forests hold a unique experience, one that will make you feel in peace with yourself and the world surrounding you, witness a magical sight as the trees slowly move as though they were dancing along with the wind, and the refreshing aroma containing a blended mixture made with the most beautiful flowers and the greenest plants. In the air, you will hear the sound of a mysterious land where so many things are still undiscovered. Visiting a magical forest is like opening the door to another world, a world where magic still exists, where fairies gently flap their wings, transforming everything in their path into an enchanting land. Magical forests allow you to believe that fairy tales are not just a fantasy portrayed from a fairy tale book, but they represent hope. This possibility leads us to believe that there's so much more imprinted in this world than from what we think we know. Forests hold the essence of happy endings. A forest endures the beauty of a charming fairy tale, a place where you can't forbear to miss a visit.

What can you do in a magical forest?

As you step into a forest you can expect an adventure, a place that can shower you with strength and rejuvenate your energy. Forests are the core of the earth's heart, a place where you can feel loved and safe. You can have a fun adventure, spend time with the ones you love, and make memories that you will forever hold. Roaming on its countless miles of breathtaking paths, you kind of anticipate to collide into a wicked witch of the west or the huntsman of Snow White, you might start to believe that just like Cinderella you can speak with the birds and squirrels and you might feel the temptation to leave some breadcrumbs on the floor like Hanzel and Gretyl unless of course, you are planning to find the house made of sweets hidden far deep in the woods, visiting the Black Forest will make you feel like you are trapped in one of those fairytale books that made us believe in magic as little children. Magical forests open the door to the unimaginable. 

Who visits these forests?

Anyone that likes to be in touch with nature. If you like to take big walks or perhaps just sit in a quiet place to meditate, a forest makes the perfect place to do so. If you are someone who is under a lot of stress or is overworked, maybe visiting a magical forest isn't such a bad idea. The benefits of visiting a place like that are tremendous, it will help you to find a healthy balance and recharge your energy. You will be able to relax from your everyday stress, there is a term that originated in Japan that is called 'Forest bathing' which is a process of de-stressing by connecting with nature. It got so popular that a lot of research has been made on the subject and the benefits of your health concluding that when you spend time in a forest amazing things happen to your overall physical and mental health. Doesn't that sound like magic? The chance to feel so much brighter and full of energy is one of the many reasons that draw so many people to often visit forests. It's really a magical place to be in when you just need some peace and quiet or a little fun and adventure. You can go alone and enjoy some peaceful time, or take your whole family and turn it into a great opportunity to bond.

How much does it cost to travel to a magical forest?

There are a lot of magical forests that are free and charge nothing but there are some who charge a small fee. It will always depend on your stay and of course the country that you are visiting. Most forests request for a fee of approximately $10 but there are also other places that can change up to $40 per visit, so before you decide which forest to embark for an adventure you should always check with their website, even because there's a possibility that you will need to make a reservation before visiting. 

Are there any magical forests near me?

Here is a list of 20 magical forests that you can't miss visiting

1. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Sagano Bamboo Forest is placed in Arashiyama, a region on the west of Kyoto in Japan. Sagano Bamboo Forest is perhaps one of the most astonishing natural places in Japan, one of the things that makes this magical forest stand out is the sound that the wind makes as it vibrates amongst the bamboo. What makes this fact even more impressive is that this sound has been established as one of the "one hundred must-be-preserved sounds of Japan" by the Japanese government. And did you know that the rail on the sides of the road is made out of old, dry, and lapsed parts of the bamboo?

2. Hallerbos, Belgium

Hallerbos is a gorgeous forest located in Belgium. It is well recognized for its forest colorful floor that is covered with stunning bluebell flowers that blossom in the spring. The forest reaches an area of approximately 1,360 acres, and it is located in the town of Halle, which is placed in Flemish Brabant. A magical forest that is a wonderful spot for a walk at every period of the year, but particularly in a specific time during spring, it's even more mesmerizing, a sight that you will love. This is definitely one of the most beautiful magical forests that you don't want to miss seeing.

3. Puzzlewood, United Kingdom

Puzzlewood is an old woodland site as well as a very well known tourist magnet, in Gloucestershire, England. The place covers approximately 14 acres, and gives proof of opencast iron ore mining dating of the Roman era, and perhaps even earlier. This gorgeous forest holds unusual rock forms, mysterious caverns, and antique trees, with a complex labyrinth of trails. Puzzlewood is an influence for writers where Stormtroopers and Time Lords have met with dragons and unicorns. 

4. The Black Forest, Germany

The name 'The Black Forest' originates from the overall dark tone of the many pine trees that flourish in this area. The Romans were the earliest to use the name "Black Forest." The Roman soldiers were trying to make their way towards Germany and their route was barred by a dark and extremely thick forest. They named it "Silva Nigra", which signifies "Black Forest" in their Latin language. The Black Forest also comprises profoundly carved valleys, dense woodlands, sweet meadows, and mesmerizing waterfalls as well as farmhouses.

5. Sequoia National Park, US

Sequoia National Park was established in 1890 to protect groves of big trees, or giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), which are among the world's largest and oldest living things. It is administered jointly with Kings Canyon National Park. Giant Sequoia National Monument, created in 2000, encompasses 512 square miles (1,326 square km) of Sequoia National Forest, which is adjacent to the national parks. The monument's two parts, separated by Sequoia National Park, preserve most of the remaining groves of big trees that are not already federally protected.

6. Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

Jiuzhai Valley is regionally recognized as Jiuzhaigou (Chinese for "Nine Village Valley"). Jiuzhai Valley is a national park found in the MinShan mountain area in the Northern Sichuan in South Western China. It is famously acknowledged for its mythical blue and green lakes, magnificent waterfalls, and its incomparable wildlife. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. This magical place is so much more than a beautiful landscape. Jiuzhai Valley is the place of residence to nine Tibetan villages, as well as over 200 different bird species, rare plants, and endangered animal species, which includes the giant panda. The number of inhabitants in the park is over 1,000 which includes over 100 families. It's known that there have been people living in the national park for approximately 3,000 years and the local people still carry on several of their ancestral habits of living.

7. Redwood National Park, US

Redwood National Park was founded in 1968. The park's main highlight is a surviving portion of the collection of trees that have survived for 160 million years. Around 280 kinds of birds, more than 40 species of animals have been reported, which includes the black bear, coyote, cougar, beaver, and black-tailed deer. Near the shoreline, California sea lions, and harbor seals live very close to the coast. Dolphins and Pacific gray whales are sometimes seen from afar. American Indians have lived in the area for many, many years; today, the descendants of these people proceed to live on and off reservations in the redwood range.

8. The Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest is found just outside of Gryfino in north-west Poland, and it's a spot that has left people in wonder. The astonishing sight looks like something out of a mystic fantasy book, mainly because the trees are bent, shadowing every piece of land and giving a magnificent view even in the winter. A lot of speculation has been claimed over how the trees have become exquisitely bent, but no assumptions have ever been confirmed. One of the theories is that the trees have been bent on purpose for building purposes and forgotten once world war 2 started, which is plausible as it's believed that the trees have been planted around the 1930s, but none of the claims have not been proven to be right and it's very likely that we will never know, but The Crooked Forest is definitely one of the most beautiful magical forests around the globe.

9. Gnarly Rata Forest, New Zealand

Seeing the sight of this extraordinary forest, you will perhaps think of the Lord Of The Rings. The red carpet is one of the things that makes this one of the most intriguing magical forests in the world. Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to the trees, it's believed that many people do it too, just don't expect them to talk back at you.

10. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Hawaii is the home for two of the world’s most active volcanoes. Volcanoes National Park stretches for approximately 333,259 acres from the peak of Mauna Loa downward to where the Kilauea volcano rolls within the sea. The mesmerizing Mauna Loa volcano is thought to be the biggest volcano on Earth and has been erupting for the last 700,000 years.

11. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Monteverde is a little town within the mountain areas of Costa Rica and is a major target for tourism in the country. Monteverde Cloud Forest was named that way because of the floating curtain of clouds that embrace this mystical forest. The clouds will then be seen evaporating into the water. You won't witness anything as enchanted as this anywhere else in the world. If you are up to hike with the help of a guide then you will see this beautiful fairytale from much closer. You will still not believe in your eyes, but trust me it's unbelievably real.

12. Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a large land of ancient trees, mossy waterfalls, as well as the Spirit Bears' which is the unique, cream-colored Kermode bear recognized as something extremely divine by the local Tsimshian people. The forest is also considered home for the seaside gray wolves, grizzly bears, mountain goats, sea lions, and humpback whales. The view is incredibly magical and fully embedded with enchanting creatures that look something out of a fairytale book. Another one of the many incredible magical forests waiting to be discovered. 

13. Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam, Thailand

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam, or "Two Water Canal", is a delightful sight of natural beauty. Lucid diamond water flows off a nearby limestone cliff, blending it with seawater making the water sparkle like a shiny jewel. A nearby wooden path leads you to observe snaking roots of banyans beneath the transparent waters at low tide. Even though it might feel irresistible to jump right in and swim on the crystal waters, this is forbidden in order to protect the fragile ecology of this astonishing forest. Don't be discouraged though because there is a specific place of the forest that allows visitors to have a little dip in the beautiful shining waters.

14. The Olympic National Forest in Washington, US

Only 60 miles west of Seattle, there is the Olympic National Forest. A beautiful view that combines forest, seaside, and mountainous ecosystems which are scattered across beyond more than half a million acres. Inside the magical forest, visitors can see the mesmerizing icy Lake Quinault. There's also a chance for a hiking adventure by following the trail to Mount Ellinor. Another incredible sight that you can see is the massive Sitka spruces, that can grow up to nearly an impressive 300 feet tall, which will make you wonder if Jack and his magic beans were behind it. 

15. The ethereal landscape of the Otzarreta Forest, in Basque Country, Spain

Gorbea Natural Park in Spain's Basque Country is recognized for its heavenly enchanting forests, the mysterious trees are portrayed in a magical setting as if they have just been conjured from an enchanting forest from an unwritten fairytale. You will see sights that look like their something out of a movie with special effects. This is definitely one of the most hidden magical forests that not many people know about just yet. 

16. Yili Apricot Valley, China.

Settled in the northwest of China is an almost forgotten village named Yili, where the mysterious Apricot Valley can be discovered. This unimaginable place has been fascinating visitors for years that longed to see the sumptuous blanket of pink and white apricot blossom that blooms perfectly every spring. Crossing over 2000 hectares, it is the most magnanimous apricot forest in Xinjiang and its story can be hunted back to the medieval era. To captivate their magical and surreal charm, if you don't want to miss it, then the best time to visit is in April, usually, around the 20th of April you will see them evolve into absolute beauty and you can enjoy the mesmerizing sight for only one week, a short fairytale that will make you breathless for a lifetime. 

17. Stanton Moor, United Kingdom

This very pleasant and worthwhile walk barely requires much energy but still succeeds to present you with a magnificent change of scenery. As you begin your walk you will enjoy little glimpses across the rooftops of the homes in Birchover, that will guide you to the hidden beauty of Stanton Moor, which will introduce you to the majestic landscapes across the encircling countryside as you walk around the edge of the moor. Stanton Moor draws substantial curiosity due to the exceptional history of ancient remains that have been found throughout the years. A buried treasure of untold stories might be hidden in the core of this enchanted land. 

18. Moss Swamp, Romania

Across many hidden mysteries, there is the Moss Swamp in Romania. A green wonderland situated on an island, many even know it as the green island due to the forest floor being made out of moss. The moss that embraces this enchanting green forest is made of a moldy plant. The green glow that hides this mysterious place makes it a unique landscape for you to visit when looking for a magical place to have your next adventure. This is also one of the many magical forests that you can't miss visiting.

19. Jacques-Cartier National Park, Canada

A short 20 minutes from Quebec City, Canada, Jacques-Cartier National Park is perfect for nature lovers. An enchanting place that you can visit all year, simply to enjoy the astonishing enigmatic sights or to embark on an adventure. You can dive into one of the many snow sport activities in winter, or during spring why not go for a hiking adventure? The park also preserves the area's precious wildlife, which includes moose, gray wolves, red foxes, the Canada lynx, as well as the black bear. This place is one of the most entertaining magical forests that you will be glad that you have visited. 

20. Mossy Forest, Malaysia

The Mossy Forest can be found in the heart of Malaysia's Cameron Highlands. This incredible display is covered in moss, lichen, and gorgeous orchids which can only happen due to the low-level clouds concealing this forest supplying it with plenty of moisture, located in the immense heights of the Cameron Highlands where you will be able to witness a magical tropical forest. The unique customized boardwalks built for visitors allows you to walk right into the soul of the enchanted place. 

Which one of these magical forests have you yet to discover?


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