24 Interesting facts about Hemp

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Learn on all kinds of subjects in this list of 24 facts on Hemp. From history to scientific discoveries explore all the possibilities of this plant with a profusion of different uses.

#1-From 1631 up to 1800 Americans were allowed to pay their taxes with Hemp.

#2-Before the 1800's most schoolbooks were made of hemp or flax paper.

#3-Some of the founding father such as Goerge Washington and Thomas Jefferson were growing hemp.

#4-90% of all ships and naval supplies were made out of hemp for more than a millennium.

#5-Before the introduction of the cotton gin in 1820, 80% of textiles, fabrics, clothes, linen, bedsheets were made from the hemp fiber.

#6-The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written on hemp paper, back then bibles, maps charts even flags were made of hemp.

#7-The hemp industrialization is believed to go back to ancient Egypt even if the first proof of hemp farming goes back 5000 years in China.

#8-Some of the most popular masterpiece from the impressionisms like Van Gogh's or Rembrandt were painted on Hemp linen. The word canvas origins are from the Middle English word "canevas" which is Latin for cannabis.

#9- Paints and varnish were made with hemp seed oil up to 1937. Records showed that 58,000 tons of seeds were used to make paint products in America, in 1935.

#10- Most familiar household items can be made of hemp from cleaning products to ice cream.

#11-Hemp was a big part of the war effort during WWII and made a big difference in the end result of the war by providing all kinds of supplies for the soldiers.

#12- Hemp is such a volatile material it can be used to make plastic, fiberglass and composite panels.

#13- Beer hop is a close cousin of Hemp, they are the only two types of species in the Cannabacea family.

#14-Hemp paper is more durable than wood-based paper. It can subsist more folding and it doesn't turn yellow with time.

#15-Hemp cannot grow with Marijuana plants. They grow differently, Hemp grows densely and tall(10-15feet) whereas Marijuana grows wide and shorter(5-10 feet).

#16-Hemp can grow almost anywhere, in any type of soil, no matter the growing season without any pesticides. It also helps cleaning the soil and enrich uncultivable lands.

#17- The first Levi jeans were made of hemp sailcloth, for gold miners in California.

#18-Hemp oil lowers cholesterol.

#19-Hemp seeds contain a nutrient also found in breast milk.

#20- Hemp can produce 4 times more pulp than trees to make paper products. It can also be recycled almost 7 times as wood paper can be recycled only 3 times.

#21-Another thing we can do with hemp is biofuel.

#22-Between the V century and the XV century, (Middle Age) Hemp seed oil was used as filling in pies or boiled in soups in Germany and Italy.

#23-Trace of hemp farming was found across Scotland on religious/hospital ground. Archeologist explains that those finding suggest that hemp was probably used as medicine.

#24-In our more recent history, in the 1990s, organizations like the Red Cross used hemp seeds to add nourishment in the meals during the mass starvation in Africa.

In conclusion, hemp is been part of our history and it will be part of our future again. We can't keep ignoring its amazing potential. Hopefully, this article was eye-opening and tickled your curiosity about this wonderful weed.

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