10 Benefits of Hemp Fabric

hemp fabric benefits

Hemp is not only a fabric; it is a revolution. Known mostly as a cousin to marijuana, Hemp has much more both as a crop and a textile. 

Every part of the Hemp plant is usable from nutrition, making durable fabric to construction material and bio-fuels. Hemp fabric is called a miracle fabric for the consumer, for the manufacturers, and the environment as a whole as well. 

Hemp fabric is bringing revolution with its durability, comfort, versatility, strength, and weather resistance. This article deals with the benefits of hemp fabric as they are countless.

Hemp is antimicrobial 

This is probably the most important thing about clothes. They are in close contact with your body, and they can easily develop bacteria. That's how your clothes develop odors. Hemp fabric is here to bring a revolution. Because Hemp is antimicrobial and antibacterial, this helps you fight against germs and odor. Your hemp clothes remain clean and microbe-free for a longer time. 

Hemp Fabric is Durable

Hemp is here to stay. Hemp fabric due to its antibacterial properties does not wear out. It does not distort even when used regularly. It holds its shape, texture, form, and quality. 

Hemp softens with every wash

Hemp fabric feels like cotton although its interwoven fibers give a canvas-like texture. Since it is made from natural fibers, washing does not wear hemp out. Rather each time you wash hemp it softens. 

Hemp is incredibly strong 

Hemp is one of the most durable and strongest natural fibers on the planet. Pure hemp fabric has 102% greater tensile strength and 62% greater tear strength as compared to cotton denim.

Hemp is way more breathable

Hemp allows air to cross through your clothing. This way your body feels more aerated and fresh because you feel less sweaty and clammy.

Hemp protects against UV rays

Hemp offers protection against UV rays of the sun in two ways: 

  1. Its fibers are weaved in such a way that almost zero sun rays are allowed to escape the material.
  2. Hemp has a natural ability to form protection against UV. Hemp seeds are used to extract oil sunscreen. 

UV rays of the sun cause various skin diseases including pigmentation and skin cancer. So, protecting your skin against these rays is extremely important.

Hemp is the most versatile fabric in town

Fabric made from Hemp fabric can be used in making clothing, carpeting, insulation, boards, house decorative items, and much more. Also, it can be blended with almost any fabric to improve comfort and consumer experience. It is most commonly blended with cotton and silk.

Hemp fabric is cost-effective for all!

The durability, and long-lasting comfort benefits, along with UV protection has already reduced the cost of hemp considerably. Hemp crop is easier for the farmers as compared to cotton in the following ways:

  1. It requires less land.
  2. Farmers don't have to spend on irrigation because Hemp grows on less water.
  3. Hemp benefits the farmers with every part of its plant. Farmers can sell their seeds for nutritional purposes, stem and root fibers for textile and construction and the rest can provide low-cost fuel. Hemp can also be used to make paper. 
  4. It is less expensive because it does not need pesticides to grow.
  5. The hemp plant grows quickly and gives more cellulose pulp per acre.

Hemp for the environment! 

Changing trends are putting carbon footprints on our planet. Hemp on the other hand is a carbon warrior. Hemp plants are great in the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere and hence lessening global warming and climate change. This way you can keep up with the latest fashion trends without harming the environment.

Hemp is a great absorbent

Hemp is said to be an absorbent four times better than cotton. It never lets moisture and sweat stay with your body. Hence protecting your body against microbes in one more way.

Summing Up!

Our environment, lifestyle, and fashion industry need more natural and organic fibers for clothing. This cannot be afforded with high-cost cotton and silk farming, putting a strain on the environment at the same time.

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