Cannabis in the bedroom?

Cannabis in the bedroom?

Cannabis has a plethora of uses. It is now believed to be a great asset in the bedroom. Smoking it or using derivative products are gaining in popularity for their sensual benefits.


It isn't the first time in history where women are experiencing with cannabis to magnify their sexual pleasure and appreciation.

Indians were the pioneer civilization to actively use Cannabis in all kinds of rituals, but also in the bedroom. According to Women and Cannabis, the traditional drink called Bhang was often drank by Indian women before a sexual relation to enhance sexual pleasure and enlightenment.








Lather on, around 1930, Russian brides used a mixt of lamb fat and cannabis to make their wedding night more comfortable and alleviate the pain of defloration.

The main attraction around the plant concerning sex is its anxiety relief and relaxing side effects. A lot of women are nervous and can't seem to focus when being sexually involved. It is believed that Cannabis can help boost confidence and ease the mind.

Some women even report that their sensory perception is heightened when consuming cannabis prior to sexual intercourse.

A lot of research still needs to be made but a study from 2016 reveals that using marijuana prior to sex could result in a better overall experience and an increase in sex drive and more pleasurable orgasm.

How much should you take

All the health professional agrees that the quantity we need to ingest to have this type of experiences has to be very low. The exact dose may vary from one person to another but 2.5mg or 1mg should be enough ta have this light relaxing effect.

When the quantity ingested is too big, we observe unpleasant opposite effects concerning sexual arousal in men and women.

Occasional users must be more careful. They might unintentionally get over the line faster and end up with paranoia and discomfort.

Being a frequent user will also affect the quantity recommended for a pleasant sexual interaction. On top of that, a study made in 2017 reported that frequent cannabis users are generally also having sex more frequently.

For women other than having a less enjoyable sexual experience when ingesting too much cannabis no other bad side effects have been observed.

For men, unfortunately, some heavier side effects can appear. Having a little bit too much could result in delayed ejaculation.

Moreover, it can affect sperm production. A study made in 2015 showed that Frequent cannabis users (more than once a week) had a reduction in sperm concentration compared to casual users (once a week or less).

Another interesting study was made in 2017, this last experiment exposes that men having a casual consummation of cannabis had unquestionably higher sperm count than those who had never experimented with the drug… Meaning: a moderate dose of cannabis could have reproductive benefits.

Proving once more that moderation has a better taste.

Cannabis and Sexual health

Cannabis is also a good asset for women's sexual health. New Cannabis suppositories made their way to the market and they are already making a big difference in many women's life.

They have helped many women with their menstrual cramps but also with all kinds of other feminine discomfort women encounter during their lifetimes like Endometriosis, Vulvodynia (painful vulva), Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and PMS as mentioned previously.

A record of an ancient Egyptian papyrus depicts ways to use cannabis as medicine. Experts believe that to appease the pain of childbirth, women in Ancient Egypt were inserting cannabis leaves inside their vaginas. It also seems to have been used to cool the uterus and eliminate and ease menstrual cramps.

The roots of the plants were also used in Indonesia, in the 18th century and again in 1877, in Ohio, to cure gonorrhea.


To conclude, Cannabis definitely has a special place in the bedroom. It is simply important to be careful as to how much and how you ingest it. Find the best way that works for you. It is also strongly recommended to test the sensual benefits of cannabis on your own first and then with a partner if you are comfortable.



**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease. Please consult your Doctor before adding CBD or any supplement to your diet. Most workplace and competitive sports drug screens focus on delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and do not screen for Cannabinol (CBD) or other legal and natural hemp-based compounds. Be advised, studies have shown that consuming hemp foods or oils can cause a positive result when screening urine and blood specimens. Therefore, if you are subject to any form of drug testing or screening. We recommended (as does the United States Armed Services) that you DO-NOT ingest CBD or hemp oil before consulting your healthcare practitioner or your drug screening testing company or employer.

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