Celebrates Bob Marley’s Birthday With Us

Celebrates Bob Marley’s Birthday With Us

On this 6th of February let' celebrate together the birthday of an icon of cannabis culture, Bob Marley. He has always been a major figure in cannabis culture. He was born in Jamaica on February 6th, 1945 and died of generalized cancer at 36 years old on May 11th, 1981. For those who are less familiar with this icon, he was a singer-songwriter-musician. He popularised reggae music and the Rastafarian movement throughout the world.

He became the biggest reggae musician across the globe and is considered an idol of the Jamaican identity while advocating the Pan-Africanism (a politic movement promoting the independence of the African continent) in the third world.

His Rastafarian faith played a big role in the image we have of him today. This culture is marked by different biblical influences like the Babylone concept or the King James Bible. Although Rastafarians refuse to believe in some parts of those texts, because they consider them modified, to be advantageous for white people.

Their common symbols are the Imperial Ethiopian colors, the red, yellow and green in addition to the Lion of Judah. Their main rules consist of letting their hair grow (explains the dreadlocks), not eating meat, and not consuming any alcohol. In this culture the cannabis plant is sacred, and its consumption is believed to permits the soul to elevate. They use it to enhance their meditations and it is never used recreationally.

Bob Marley was able to touch all kinds of publics with his music. He was managed to use naturally popular language in his song making him even more authentic. With his lyrics and his lifestyle, he rapidly turned into a figure of emancipation and liberty.

Marley is still one of the most famous Rastafarians, today. He was a defender of the African culture and its falsification by the occidental religions. His legacy is intimately linked with his beliefs and life philosophy. The message he left behind is spiritual and cultural.







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