are hemp clothes comfortable?

are hemp clothes comfortable

Hemp clothing is made out of strong and durable fibers. So there is still some misconception that hemp clothes are not as comfortable as other fabrics. But are hemp clothes comfortable? Let’s examine 7 reasons why they are.

Are Hemp Clothes Comfortable? 7 reasons why they are!

The hemp clothing industry is still reasonably new. However, this industry is on the growth with more and more people wanting to fill their closet with beautiful and eco-friendly outfits. Yet there is still some disbelieve that hemp clothes can be comfortable. To stop any misconceptions, here are seven reasons why hemp clothing makes a very comfortable option.

1. Hemp clothing gets softer with time

Hemp clothes are soft to start with. But instead of becoming harsh and dry with time, as it happens with other fabrics, they get softer with time. Making hemp clothing a very durable and extremely comfortable fashionable outfit.

2. Hemp clothes adapt to your body temperature

Hemp is truly a smart fabric. So smart that it can adapt to your body temperature and its needs. Hemp retains heat making it a warm alternative for winter. But it's also very breathable which makes it a good option for warmer days. Meaning that hemp clothes are perfect to wear all year long, no matter the weather.

3. Hemp clothes are very absorbent

Due to the strong fibers of the hemp plant, its fabric will absorb water very quickly. Which means that hemp clothing will dry quicker. Another perk of hemp being so absorbent is that it can retain its color for much longer compared to any other fabric. 

4. Hemp clothes are anti-microbial

Thanks to its strong fibers that are incredibly resistant to bacterial growth, hemp is anti-microbial which means that it's not only resistant to mold, but it also eliminates undesired odors. So you don't have to wash it as frequently as other fabrics. Yet your clothes will smell and look fresh for longer.

5. Hemp clothes are hypoallergenic

Hemp clothes are hypoallergic because hemp doesn't require any harsh pesticides to grow. So this plant doesn't have any harmful chemicals that can affect your skin. It also dyes pretty easily, so there is no need for strong chemicals to give them beautiful colors. Hemp clothing is safe to wear. If you have any skin conditions, hemp clothes might be the perfect option.

6. Hemp fabric doesn't stretch

Hemp is known for being a durable upholstery fabric. Meaning that hemp clothes don't stretch and keep their shape. If you hate how fabrics like cotton become loose and uneven with time, then you are going to love the consistency of hemp clothing.

7. Hemp clothes are gorgeously good for the environment

This last reason is more about the impact that hemp clothes will have on your health. But it couldn't be excluded from this list. One of the many beneficial perks of hemp is its capability of being pest-resistant. Which basically means that there is no need for pesticides in order to grow the hemp plant. Pesticides are toxins that cause more damage than the pests that they are meant to repel.

These harmful chemicals poison the water, and soil, causing harm to our environment as well as helping to extinct plants, insects, and animals. Harmful pesticides have also been linked to many diseases. And people who are more sensitive to chemicals are more likely to benefit from wearing hemp clothes instead of cotton for example, as cotton requires pesticides to grow. Hemp is the perfect type of clothes not only for your comfort and health but also for the environment.

Final Thoughts

Hemp is a super plant that looks after the environment while ensuring that it retains many benefits to our health and comfort. Hemp clothes are fashionably trendy with a twist of excellent eco-friendly properties. It's not about how the fabric sustains its superb qualities. But how its superb qualities impact your health and wellbeing in an incredibly positive way.

If you haven't considered filling your closet with hemp clothes, what are you waiting for to spoil yourself with environment-friendly and trendy powerful clothes that will last up to 4 times more than other clothes made with different materials? Fashion doesn't have to be harmful. Give hemp clothes a go, and see the magic happen.

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