How to wash your hemp clothes.

How to wash your hemp clothes.

Now that you got your environment friendly hemp clothing, you might be wondering how to wash it without ruining it.

  • Does hemp clothing shrink?
  • Can you wash it as you would with regular cotton clothing?
  • Should it be air dried, or can you use the dryer? 

If you have some of those questions, then do not worry because I am going to share with you some excellent tips on how to wash your hemp clothing and put to rest some misconceptions that are not true.

How to wash hemp clothes? 

Hemp clothing is made of fibers from stems of the cannabis Sativa plant.

When it comes to appearance and texture, hemp clothing can be compared to linen

However, hemp is four times stronger than cotton as well as better for the environment. 

Most people know how to wash cotton, but when it comes to hemp, there might be some confusion.

So here we are going to look for the best option on how to wash hemp clothing:

Can you wash hemp clothing in the washing machine, or should you hand wash? 

You can do both.

Hemp can be washed in the washing machine or by hand, but it's more lenient on the fabric if you use cold to warm water.

If it's been dyed, it is better to wash it in cold water to avoid any color leeching.

Remember to always separate the dark colors from the light ones, before washing to prevent lint. 

For stains, use detergent directly on the stain or pre-soak before washing. 

Can you dry hemp clothing on the dryer, or should you air dry it instead? 

You can use both ways, but if you want to keep the most life in your favorite hemp clothing, then you should consider  air drying or line drying as much as possible. 


However, if you need to use the dryer, you can, but you should use it on the gentle cycle or low temperatures.

The reason why you should avoid drying hemp in the dryer as much as you can is mainly that overdrying can result in broken fibers. 

Can you use bleach on hemp clothing? 

You can use bleach on your hemp clothing.

Still, you should avoid chlorine bleaches and use oxy bleaches instead, not only because oxy bleaches are better to retain your hemp clothing for longer but also because oxy bleaches are better for the environment.

Can you iron hemp clothing? 

You can iron and use high temperatures.

However, the better option would be to iron on the reverse side to avoid pressing marks. 

When it comes to hemp clothes, it might be a challenge to iron when the clothes are dry, so you should iron them when they are still damp, as this will make it easier. 

Does hemp clothing wrinkle? 

Yes, hemp clothing wrinkles quite more naturally.

However, heat and moisture remove the wrinkles quickly.

You can also stretch the fabric before drying to avoid getting wrinkled. 

Final thoughts: 

Hemp clothes are extremely strong, and contrary to many other types of fabrics, hemp doesn't wear out when worn.

It actually gets softer with time.

However, heat can shrink the lifetime of your hemp clothing, so you should avoid it as much as you can.

Hemp clothing can be washed and dried as well as iron as any other clothes, but because it dries faster than other fabrics, it makes it more sensitive to heat.

So following the guidelines will help to maintain your fantastic hemp clothing feeling fresh and new for longer. 

Hemp clothes are incredibly durable and are not receptive to shrinkage, and they are also highly repellent to pilling. 

I hope this article on how to wash and take care of your hemp clothing will help you to enjoy your favorite environmental friendly outfits for longer

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