Idaho Bill for Hemp Legalization

Idaho Bill for Hemp Legalization

New legislations have been introduced last month concerning the legal state of Hemp. Dorothy Moon, a Republican rep. presented a hearing on this new bill to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

Idaho is one of the only states to have not executed any king of hemp legalization actions following the farm bill of 2018. Its hemp regulations seem odd and a little behind since the state surrounding it are mostly pro-hemp or hemp-friendly states like Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming. Further, before Gov. Brad Little, signed an executive order to permit hemp transport, in November 2019, Idaho wasn't even letting hemp go through and local police were seizing hemp shipment quite often.

After she submitted the new bill, Dorothy Moon said "these new measures give farmers an option to try a different product if they so desire" and "I think it's important we give them those opportunities since everybody else is making hay, more or less, with hemp,… I'm excited the Senate has heard this bill early, and hopefully, it will move through both chambers quickly and we'll get it to the governor's desk,"

The new bill intends to coordinate Idaho's law with federal law found in the 2018 Farm Bill. This would allow the sales and growth of hemp products containing less than 0.3% of THC in Idaho. This bill also includes an emergency clause that would allow farmers to start growing this year if signed.

Farmers would have the option to sell hemp for its seeds its fiber or its cannabidiol (CBD) extract.

The main concern anti-hemp activists keep bringing up is how legalizing hemp could make marijuana laws harder to enforce. The Republican Gov. Brad Little declared that he would not sign a bill to legalize hemp without having concrete solutions concerning the marijuana laws enforcement.

Nothing is set in stone for Idaho. We can only hope its pro-hemp neighbors can influence its perspective on the hemp plant.


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