Is hemp clothing legal? A detailed answer

is hemp clothing legal

Imagine going to jail because of the t-shirt that you are wearing... It sounds crazy, right? 

Is hemp clothing legal? 

When you mention that you are wearing a shirt made out of hemp, that might cause a few raised eyebrows.

People tend to connect hemp with the effects of cannabis, which is somehow true, but not really, because hemp is a very close cousin of cannabis but different

Yet that's the worst thing that can happen because wearing hemp clothing is legal. 

Hemp is a variation of the cannabis Sativa plant.

The primary distinction among hemp and other strains of cannabis like marijuana is that hemp has little TCH. 

Due to this, hemp does not create any psychoactive consequences, such as the sensation of exaltation or intoxication.

Therefore hemp has been used for several different purposes.

The two primary purposes of hemp production are:

  • Manufacturing hemp, such as clothes, paper, and building materials
  • Hemp as food goods, such as hemp seeds, energy bars and flour

Hemp holds powerful roots in ancient America and other countries as well.

Our ancestors recognized the incredible endowment that this plant endures.

In fact, throughout the 1600 and 1700s, it was against the law not to grow hemp.

However, it wasn't always like this, so when did things change? And what makes hemp legal and cannabis not? 

When was hemp illegal? 

The hemp plant was forbidden in the 1930s when lobbyists and other distinctive businesses organized a campaign to demonize its cousin plant, known as marijuana.

When marijuana was prohibited and declared illegal in 1937, they drove down hemp with it.

However, in 2018 a fiercely popular bill, named the Farm Bill, eventually re-legalized the breeding, processing, and trade of hemp in the U.S.

Still, it has been a challenge to overcome the shame connected to hemp because of its Schedule 1 Illicit Drug status for so many years.

Too many people are still illogically terrifying of hemp, 

Hemp clothing is remarkably long-lasting and useful natural fiber.

However, only on December 20, 2018, hemp converted into a legal industrial crop after a long-drawn and incoherent history of being condemned. 

Mainly due to the damaging judgment hemp has naturally not had the manufacturing aid of some of the world's manufacturing leaders.

And because of this, the creation of hemp clothes is still a small industry.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? 

Hemp is one of the plants that makes part of the Cannabis sativa family.

Meaning it belongs to the same species of plants as marijuana.

Still, there is a lot of uncertainty about what differs the two, which is why both varieties of plants were made banned substances in the 1937s. 

Marijuana is identified for its capability to get people high; hemp does not own the same feature.

One of the significant differences between these two cousins is that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. 

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active component in cannabis plants that compose psychoactive effects.

Hemp is not only non-intoxicating, but it is believed to have some fantastic benefits.

The benefits of wearing hemp legally.

Hemp is a light material similar to linen.

Hemp clothing protects your skin from UV, and it's mold resistant as well as being highly absorbent and breathable.

Hemp fiber is four times stronger than cotton. Which also means that hemp fabric has a longer lifespan.

Due to hemp clothing being naturally antimicrobial, you don't require to wash it as often as cotton, for example.

This bonus reduces the wear on the fabric as well as water waste. 

Hemp clothing has minimal impact on the environment.

As a crop, hemp demands no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

This means that there is no pesticide or artificial fertilizer contamination of groundwater or soil, in fields where hemp is planted. 

Hemp is a fast-growing plant that demands little water.

However, one of the amazing features of hemp is how it can enrich the soil. Hemp can be an easy resolution for soil decontamination.

Hemp is one of the most valuable plants on our planet.

An essential plant that was used for creating cloth, and paper, as remotely back as the 1700s. 

Due to the advantages of the latest technologies, it's possible to use this magical plant for eco-friendly choices to gasoline, plastic, and many other toxic or polluting substances.

Final Thoughts: 

Hemp is still a controversial word for many people, but its popularity is growing. Mainly because of its benefits towards our health and environment.

There is no denying its unique capabilities.

However, it is still extraordinary how hemp is not used by all of us yet.

So to answer the question, "Is hemp clothing legal?" Yes, Hemp Is Legal.

So feel free to wear hemp without the worry of breaking the law.

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