Thailand remove Hemp from its controlled substances list

Thailand remove Hemp from its controlled substances list

A lot is going on concerning cannabis and hemp legalization in the US but what about other countries. We know cannabis is fully legal in Canada and Uruguay. Many others are slowly introducing the medical use of it, and decriminalizing it as well.

Thailand is one of those countries gradually introducing cannabis regulations. Last year medical marijuana was made legal and since august 27th Hemp and CBD are now officially allowed to be used in herbal products. The cannabis plant/ hemp which contains less than 0.2% of THC is now legal in Thailand.

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul affirmed he believes this new regulation will benefit Thailand's economy and boost the productions of locally made drugs, food, and cosmetics products.

Only licensed growers were allowed to be involved in this growing industry for the next 5 years. The government intended to introduce more regulations, criteria, and standards to help the producers and the costumers to get the best out of the plant.

On January 28th, 2020, new regulations have been introduced concerning the cultivation of cannabis. In order to boost the country's production and economy, it is now allowed for individuals to cultivate the plant. The maximum per household is limited to one "rai" (approx. 17200 ft2 ). The growers are also required to apply for a license and are allowed to harvest only specified crop species.

The ministry also granted permission to certain specific institutes to grow hemp strains for its high-quality fiber. The main institute having this special permission is The Highland Research and Development. The strains will be grown in Chiang Mai, Ching Rai, Nan, Tak and Phetchabun provinces in hopes of eventually be used in the textile industry.

These first steps in the legalization of hemp cultivation will definitely make a difference in Thailand's economy. Due to its exceptional cultivation conditions, but more importantly its central position in the Southeast Asian trading zone, Thailand will rapidly become an important player, in the Hemp industry, worldwide.

Considering Thai cannabis was considered as "la crème de la crème" back in the '70s. Thais can be positive about the bright future of this new flourishing industry. Thai Cannabis or "Thai stick" was renowned for its quality. It was even frequently referred to as "the Cuban cigar of the marijuana world". One kilo of Thai cannabis sold for 3$ at the farm could effortlessly be sold for 4000$ in America, in 1970.

2020 started off right for the Thais, with all these new regulations, regarding cannabis, broadly opening the market. In addition to the grand opening of their first full-time Medical Cannabis Clinique. The country already accounts for 25 other similar Clinique. Although, all of those are opened only a few days a week, for lack of specialized workers. The ministry's goal is to open 77 other full-time Clinique, including at least one in each province.

Thailand will be a country to keep an eye on, in a near future, for their hemp/cannabis merchandise. This new wind of change, for the Thai economy, is promising and might inspire others to follow the movement. The last few months have been moving fast, in terms of regulations, and show how much the Thai government believes in this new industry. We can't wait to see what is next for them and who will be next on the list to build a healthier and brighter future, with the help of hemp.

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