The future of legalization in 2020

The future of legalization in 2020

The future of legalization in 2020

2020 started strong with Illinois legalizing recreational Cannabis, but what will happen next? Where are we in January 2020: well, with Illinois already 11 sates made medicinal and recreational cannabis legal and 36 states legalized medicinal cannabis. Leaving only Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska where Cannabis is still illegal on all levels.

The laws aren't exactly the same in all the states where it legal, so it is important to stay informed about what you are allowed to carry and consume in your region before heading into a dispensary.

What and where

Here are the 11 states where Cannabis is now Fully legal on all levels, including recreational and medicinal uses. In those states most people with a criminal record for possession under 30g had their record cleared.

-Alaska; since 2014

-California; was the first state to legalize medicinal Cannabis and since 2016 recreational cannabis is legal too.

-Colorado; since 2012 was the first state the legalize recreational Cannabis alongside Washington.

-Illinois is the first state to legalize recreational cannabis this year (2020)

-Maine; since 2016.

-Massachusetts; since 2016 but its first official legal sale was made in 2018.

-Michigan; as of 2018 locals are allowed 2.5 ounces outside their homes and up to 10 grams in their homes. Although Michigan still doesn't have any official dispensaries officials are planning to open them soon in 2020.

-Nevada; since 2016.

-Oregon; as of 2014 has legalized recreational cannabis too.

-Vermont; since 2018, you are allowed to have two mature plants and 4 immature plants in your house for personal recreational use but the retails of any kind of cannabis merchandise are still illegal. Therefore, there are no dispensaries in Vermont.

-Washington; as mentioned earlier Washington was one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis alongside Colorado in 2012. In Washington, no growing of any kind is legal unless it is for medical purposes.

For more information for how much you can carry or just grow in your house as you might have noticed will vary from one sate to another.

The three last states where Cannabis is still completely illegal are South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska.

The other 36 sates already made Cannabis legal for medical uses. Again, from one state to another the laws will differ. Some will allow patients to have more or less growing plants in their home and from one state to another the plant is used to treat different diseases as well.

Which are considering

The following states already decriminalized Cannabis possession: Ohio (1975), Minnesota (1976), North Carolina (1977), Mississippi (1978), Nebraska (1979), Connecticut (2011), Rhode Island (2013), Maryland (2014), Delaware (2015), Missouri (2017), New Mexico (2019), New York (2019) and Hawaii (2019).

Repeatedly, all of the above have different regulations but all of them are now giving fines, civil infractions or misdemeanors instead of a criminal infraction for Cannabis possession.

Walking in the footsteps of Illinois Minnesota is said to be preparing a legalizing bill, similar to the one Illinois jut signed, for February 2020.

New York, New Mexico, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island currently have governors in favor of recreational cannabis use.

New Jersey is getting serious about it too. The state regulators are in favor and already agreed on a proper tax. They were also talking about legalization in March 2020. Unfortunately, certain lawmakers got uncomfortable with the idea of making an expungement clause for people previously convicted for possession of cannabis and the case has stalled since.

Arizona was so close to legalizing recreational cannabis, in 2016, but the proposition 205 didn't pass by 2%. Measures concerning Cannabis legalization are supposed to be on the next ballot. Arizonians will be expected to vote again this year. If it goes like the legalization of California or Oregon the second time will be the charm.

Concerning federal legalization, it is uncertain and relies mostly on the outcomes of the next election taking place in 2020 as well.


This new year is looking bright and many things will change in the next few months. We will have to stay informed to know exactly what will happen, in regard to cannabis legalization, in the US, in 2020.



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