Top 10 healthy Vegetables

Top 10 healthy Vegetables

We all know vegetables are good for our health, but which one's are the best of the best ad why? You will find the answer in this article today. These listed vegetables can make a major difference in our life if ingested regularly.

10- Beets

The nutrients that make these colorful roots red can fight cancer and lower the risks of heart disease. The folates Beets holds can also help pregnant ladies metabolize amino acids. It is a low fat, low calory, high fiber, and high carb vegetable. These last properties have the power to helps keep our body fuel, blood sugar, and digestive system healthy. Its input in potassium, magnesium, and manganese are also keeping everything running smoothly.

9- Eggplant

This beautiful purple vegetable high fiber content makes it an important superfood. It contains little to no fat and as a close to 0 calory count. It also contains healthy components for a healthy heart like potassium, which can prevent stroke and dementia, and antioxidants that protect brain cells from deteriorating.

Something we often forget is that beets "greens" (tail/leaves) contain more nutrients than the roots themselves.

8- Carrots

When our bodies metabolize, the carotene found in carrots they turn it into vitamin A which is good for our sight, hair and skin health. The vitamin C found in carrots keeps our cardiovascular systems running smoothly and promotes iron absorption. Finally, vitamin K ensures blood clots.

7- Alfalfa sprouts

Sprouts are filled with plant-based proteins and unlike other beans or peas, they do not need to be cooked to be ingested. Filled with antioxidants they can help many conditions from heart diseases and cancer to osteoporosis and menopause. Their fibers help to make you feel fuller longer and are a great source of calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, and vitamins from A to K.

6- Asparagus

Asparagus are strong free-radical fighting powerhouses. They are a low calory source of potassium, protein, fiber, and folate. Further, they are known for their cleansing properties, meaning it enhances and facilitates our bowel movements and stimulates our kidney activity. They hold vitamins A, B6, C and K therefore, boost our cardiovascular health and immunity. Plus, the iron found in them keeps the oxygen flowing.

5- Bell Peppers

The red bell pepper is the healthiest kind containing more lycopene carotene and vitamins A, B, C, and K. These last few nutrients prevent cancers and keep teethes gums and eyesight healthy. Inflammation from arthritis and asthma can be greatly improved because of its rich content of antioxidants. Fiber potassium and manganese are also contributing to all the benefits of this food.

4- Tomatoes

Technically tomatoes are fruits but it is more often eaten with other vegetables. Low calory but filled with nutrients the tomatoes' most impressive properties are its lycopene. This powerful compound protects against breast, colon, lungs skin, and prostate cancer reduces cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. On top of their input in fibers, and heart-healthy nutrients they contain vitamin A (which helps skin/hair and eyesight) vitamin C (which combats infections and maintains connective tissue) and vitamin K (which prevents osteoporosis). This long list of helpful compounds makes tomatoes crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

3- Dark Green Vegetables

From spinaches to broccolis, dark green vegetables are disease incredible fighting machines. Like beets, their folates are great if ingested during pregnancy. Moreover, their antioxidants and phytonutrients help protect ourselves against cold and cancers. Iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins in dark greens promote overall health.

2- Sweet Potatoes

This specific vegetable is beneficial for everybody but can be especially helpful for diabetics and smokers. Vitamin A protects against emphysema and keeps a low glycemic index rating resulting in normal insulin levels. Sweet potatoes also surpass other veggies in nutrients density with more fiber, protein and complex carb content plus anti-cancer vitamin A and C, Iron and calcium. Further, Beta carotene, which targets free radicals vitamins and antioxidants fight inflammation and heart disease potassium lower blood pressure.

1-Allium Foods

These very strong and flavorful vegetables includes garlic, onions, shives, etc.… They are famous in herbal medicine for their antibiotic's advantages, increase immunity, and anti-inflammation properties. Garlic specifically is also used to treat coughs and colds. This amazing family of vegetables also balance cholesterol levels, help prevent harden arteries, lower blood pressure, and fight certain cancers and neurological disease like Alzheimer's.







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