What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Clothing?

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Clothing?

Hemp clothing is becoming more popular among the masses as people are starting to understand the importance of taking care of the planet’s natural resources while becoming more aware of the negative impact of cotton production. 

Hence, a lot of people are trying to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle by switching to clothes made from hemp. There are many benefits that come when you switch to hemp clothing. 

These benefits are as follows:

  1. It Reduces Carbon Which Helps The Environment

It is important for an industry to think about their carbon footprint. The fashion industry is known to be a major contributor when it comes to environmental issues, like global warming. The world of fast fashion is responsible for the quick production and clearance of clothing, which is turning out to be very harmful for the planet.

In this case, hemp clothing can help with this issue. This is a crop that can actually absorb carbon dioxide, while the other crops, like cotton, end up damaging the earth. Hence, hemp can help fight these climate changes.

  1. Less Water Is Used And Wasted

The standard fabric, like cotton, requires heavy irrigation for its crops. This ends up putting a lot of strain on many resources, like water. On the other hand, the hemp crop can easily live without the need of heavy irrigation. This means that minimal water is used as compared to other crops. So making a switch to hemp clothing means that you are also saving water.  

  1. It Is Better For The Health Of The Soil

Hemp can be grown in pretty much any type of soil. Plus, it also helps the soil restore some of its important nutrients, if they were previously lost. Also, hemp is naturally resistant to pests; therefore, there is no need to use pesticides. Hemp does not need fertilizers as well since the leaves that shed end up providing adequate fertilization to the soil. Moreover, hemp is also biodegradable. 

  1. Hemp Clothes Are Comfortable To Wear

Some people believe that hemp clothing might be rough on the skin, but that is not the case at all. T-shirts made from hemp are quite breathable. The fabric is known to absorb sweat and the color of the clothing won’t fade away either. In the summer, the fabric will keep you cool, while during winter it will keep you warm; therefore, you can wear hemp clothing all year round. 

  1. Hemp Clothing Comes With Antibacterial Properties

Hemp clothing is antibacterial too, which makes it resistant to mildew, mold, and UV rays. This fabric is known to fight against microbes. It stops the growth of bacteria that causes bad odor.

Due to its remarkable antimicrobial properties, clothes made from hemp end up lasting a lot longer as compared to clothes made from other fibers, such as polyester, cotton, and so on. Moreover, clothes made from hemp don’t get distorted after multiple washes. In fact, they end up becoming softer after each wash.

In conclusion, there are many positive benefits of hemp clothing. Hemp clothes last longer and the carbon footprint is very minimal which is better for the environment.

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