What is Hempwood?

What is Hempwood?

We talked about the importance of hemp as a new building material before.

Although we were more focused on its hempcrete form.

A new American based company called Fibonacci LLC started to do Hemp wood flooring.

The newly founded company (2018), partnered with Murray State University to take part in the national hemp pilot program established in 2014.

The Hemp wood developed by Fibonacci LLC was designed to simulate the hardness, density, and stability of oak.

In order to give their products those characteristics, they studied the bamboo flooring processes. They managed to create a product 20 percent denser than oak.

What makes Hemp such a great building material is it two different kinds of fibers.

The fine bast, usually used in the making of paper and fabric, and the woody stem core used for building.

Its fast-growing cycle also makes it very interesting for the building industry. Hemp crops generally can be harvest after only 4-6 months.

They also estimated that each acre of hemp produces the equivalent of 15 to 30 mature oak trees.

Considering oak trees take up to 60 years to mature the switch the "Hemp-Oak" is very appealing.

Entrepreneur Greg Wilson, the co-founder of Fibonacci LLC, saw the potential of the plant and decided to go for it he says:

"This is the eighth business I've started … with a similar idea and manufacturing process, which is taking fast-growing renewable plant fiber and using that to replace the old-growth forest. I can say we have 10 times the amount of market interest as we've had for any of the other products, and some of those have gone on to become billion-dollar-a-year product lines."

Fibonacci finally opened in August 2019, in a 16,500-square-foot facility in Murray, Kentucky.

Hempwood can be cut, sanded and stained like regular wood.

It can easily replace wood used for flooring, furniture even baseball bat, pickax handles, guitars drumstick and much more.

The newly open company is receiving 50 to 100 calls a day from the potential customer who is interested in the products, a lot of them are after the renewable aspect of this material mentioned Wilson.

Further, the hemp Fibonacci is using comes from within 100 miles of their facility.

The business has contracts with the university and a lot of Kentucky growers.

They buy more than 200 tons of hemp stalks and expects to purchase 20 percent more in 2020.

The fast-growing company is the biggest user of hemp fiber in the state of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture calculated 24,900 acres of hemp crop in 2019. 92 percent of those crops were used for cannabidiol (CBD) and 4 percent were used for the fiber of the plant.

Fibonacci the main buyer of fiber if not the only one.

Finally, this new way to use the hemp crop is promising.

The quality as much as the renewability of the product is there.

We wish Fibonacci LLC all the best for 2020 and hope that more people will discover and consider this new amazing material for their home, shortly.


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