What's the hype about those Vape pens?

What's the hype about those Vape pens?

What's the hype about those Vape pens?

Vaping was first created to help people stop smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Although Vape pens seem to have found a few new types of costumers.

A New Year resolution

Their first costumers were the people trying to stop smoking. Attracted by this promise of a smoke-free life they went crazy for it.

Unfortunately for them, the vape juice contains Nicotine, just like a real cigarette.

It usually only helps them transition them from smokers to vapers…

Vaping also reproduces the habit of bringing something to your lips, inspire "air" and expire smoke, making it even harder for the brain to get rid of this pattern in someone's daily life.

Smells like Teen spirit

It also seduced young teenagers. Since its popularization in 2011, it is now considered an epidemic in most high schools of the United States.

It took everyone by surprise and most parents or schoolteachers didn't know what to do about it.

Teenagers spending their last penny on pods for their new addiction is now a common thing.

It is now considered cool. Sadly, that same generation judges very archly the older people struggling with cigarette's nicotine addiction.

27.5% of high school students and 10.5% of eighth-graders say they currently use e-cigarettes.

The demand for a specific brand of e-cigarette called Juul skyrocketed since its launch in 2015.

The high-tech look and the fruity flavors Juul is offering were enough to entice the new generation to starts "Juuling".

Many teens are not even aware that their cool Juul contains Nicotine…

Surfing the wave of Cannabis legalization

Vape pens then acquired Cannabis smokers as new costumers.

So easy to attract people who are already smoking to these new "revolutionary" products.

A lot of Cannabis smokers are long -term users or regular users, those are good long-term costumers…

That was a whole new market they had the chance to tap into.

But what is safer concerning Cannabis?

We know that vaping nicotine instead of smoking Tobacco is better for your health even if it comes along with an addiction...

What about Cannabis? You might have heard of a few cases of death caused by vape pens administering THC oil.

After deeper research, the FDA declared that what was actually causing pulmonary injuries and unfortunate deaths was an additive of Vitamin-E acetate found in some low-quality Cannabis concentrate vape pods.

Does it mean it is safer to just smoke a regular joint?

For a long time, the long use of marijuana was put in the same basket as long term Tobacco use. Although recent large studies showed that Marijuana/Cannabis would increase the pulmonary capacity.

Despite that last fact, health professionals are agreeing that Vaping is safer.

The trick is to stay away from those concentrates and smoke, dried herb.

That way is much safer, and you are certain not to inhale anything other than the actual flower you purchased. Vape pens will produce less carcinogenic compounds than regular joints. The reason is simple; the compounds are heated instead of combusted.

Even if the smoke from marijuana is less damaging for our bodies then cigarette smoke, because it is combusted, there will be undesirable side effects.

All types of smoke hold gases and particles that can irritate the lungs and create respiratory problems.

We can find Carbon monoxide and over 100 other toxins in the smoke released by burned Cannabis.

Carbon monoxide has also been found to cause hypoxia. Hypoxia is a deprivation of oxygen to the brain…

Early side effects of Hypoxia are confusion, silliness and foggy-headed feelings.

In the end, if you want your dose of CBD or THC through inhalation the best way to go to protect yourself, your lungs and your brain, is to vape dried herbs. You will have better assimilation, fewer unwanted side effects and faster absorption than all the other administration methods.

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