Why hemp clothing is good for you

why hemp clothing is good

"Hemp is the only plant that feeds you, houses you, clothes you and even potentially heals you."

Hemp is a super plant that honestly seems like magic due to the many benefits that it provides to the environment, our health, and everyday life. However, when people think about hemp clothes, they envision a loose scratchy fabric.

That could not be more wrong. Hemp is a beautiful soft fabric that is gentle on your skin without containing harsh chemicals that can harm your health as well as the environment.

Why is hemp clothing good for you?

If you still need more details about why hemp clothing is good for you, then here are just a few reasons why hemp makes such great fashion material.



Hemp clothing is hypoallergenic

Hemp fibers are hypoallergenic, which means that hemp will not cause allergies or irritated skin. If you have very sensitive skin, then hemp is perfect for you! Thanks to hemp's natural protein structure and a fundamental strength to repel off harmful bacteria, hemp is suitable for even the most delicate skin.

Hemp fabric is UV resistant

Most of us dread getting a sunburn. Sunburns are not only painful but dangerous and can lead to skin cancer. But when you wear hemp clothes, getting sunburned will be the least of your concerns. This is because hemp is UV resistant, meaning that it protects you from the harmful effects of being exposed to the sun.

Hemp clothes are thermoregulated

Most of our clothes are specially designed for winter or summer. But hemp? Hemp clothing, similar to bamboo clothing, has this vivid sense to identify when you are cold or too hot. Hemp fibers will react to the temperature that your body needs. The unusual composition of the cellulose fibers in hemp clothing allows it to keep you warm when it's too cold outside. Still, its breathable material will also make you feel fresh when the weather is warmer.

Hemp clothing is soft and gets softer with time

The belief that hemp is a harsh fabric is not only fake but the opposite of its fabric combination. Hemp is just one of those fabrics that looks great and feels fantastic on your skin. Plus, hemp clothing only gets softer with time. The reason why this is possible is due to the thinness of the hemp fibers. The higher content of hemp in your fabric, the bigger the level of softness of the material.

Hemp clothes are also antimicrobial

Hemp resists bacterial growth, and because its fabric breathes wonderfully, it prevents any unwanted odors. Because hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial, it will keep its fresh smell longer while also withstanding any mold and mildew. This will keep your hemp clothing from infiltrating the stinking zone and staying fresh for a long time compared to other cotton materials.

Hemp requires no pesticides

Other fabric-based plants like cotton, for example, one of the most harmful plant-based fabrics due to factors of their growth, containing dangerous fertilizers, and pesticides. Like bamboo, hemp doesn't need any artificial or toxic chemicals that take a massive toll on our environment. The primary issue is that those harmful elements will end up staying in our soil and waterways, creating massive contamination to our planet. This will directly harm each person in the world, including our animals and the ecosystem.

Hemp clothing is water-resistant

Hemp clothing is one of the best water-absorbent fabrics. Another thing that is possible thanks to hemp clothes' ability to be so water absorbent is that hemp has to retain color dyes efficiently. This is also an advantage because hemp fabric can be combined uniquely with other materials. If hemp was not water-absorbent, dying it would be more challenging.

Hemp is naturally biodegradable

Sometimes clothes get stained so severely that they cannot be washed out thoroughly. And even though hemp is four times more durable than cotton when the time comes to throw it away, you should know that hemp is naturally biodegradable. Of course, no one likes to throw away their clothes, but sadly it occurs to the best materials.

Final Thoughts

Hemp fabric is, without a doubt, one of the more substantial plants. Not only is hemp a soft, long-lasting fabric, but its plant is one of the most eco-friendly plants on the entire planet. The reasons to wear hemp are endless, and the benefits are priceless, so why are you waiting to get yourself some fabulous hemp outfits?

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