Why Hemp Clothing Lasts Longer than Cotton?

Why Hemp Clothing Lasts Longer than Cotton?

Do you remember that blanket from your childhood that you won’t let go of? 

Yes, the soft one, making you comfortable and warm all the time. That is exactly how hemp clothing ages with time. It becomes softer and more comfortable to wear.

Hemp clothing has existed for a long time. The reason is that hemp lasts longer and is more sustainable when compared to other fabrics, especially cotton. There are plenty of reasons why hemp clothing lasts longer than cotton, making it a better overall choice. 

The reason could be because it is more durable and its ability to absorb sweat quicker than cotton. But there are many reasons that will easily convince you to pick hemp clothing over cotton clothing any given day.

Here are a few reasons why hemp clothing lasts longer than cotton:

  • Less water is used
  • Hemp clothing requires less water and grows quicker when compared to cotton. As the world is moving towards more advanced ways of producing goods and services, the new ways of farming demand at least 6,000 gallons of more water than it does in the production of hemp.

    You would be surprised to know that hemp only requires as much as 80 gallons of water which can be easily procured from rainwater to produce around 2 pounds of hemp. 

  • No pesticides are involved
  • As much as we would like to believe, the production of cotton is not at all pesticide free. According to a study done on agricultural chemicals and their contribution to polluting the environment, it was found that over 10% of these pesticides and 25% of the insecticides come from the cotton industry.

    This directly exposes the environment and the lives of the poor farmers to danger. However, this is not the case with hemp clothing and its production. The hemp plant is naturally resistant to any sort of pesticides or insecticides.

  • More stronger and resistant
  • Let us be clear about one thing i.e. hemp clothing lasts longer than cotton because it is stronger and more resistant than cotton. If we tell you that hemp is like fine wine, that won’t be an exaggeration.

    Hemp clothing is also more durable, making it another reason why it lasts longer than cotton. Hemp clothes have more life than cotton wear which make them a long-term investment if you are looking to buy something that is more sustainable and long lasting.

  • Wicks moisture quickly
  • Since hemp is 100% natural, it gives tough competition to fabrics like cotton when it comes to having absorbing properties and being more breathable. Hemp is a clear winner in the challenge against cotton fabric because it makes you feel odorless on a bright sunny day that could otherwise become a sweaty nightmare for you.

    Hemp also has antibacterial properties. By having antibacterial properties, hemp clothes do not show evident sweat marks or patches that are pretty prominent with cotton clothing.

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