Why Hemp Fabric Does Not Pill

does hemp fabric pill?

Hemp clothing is highly resistant to pilling. Unlike the other fabrics, hemp doesn't pill as easy.

You might even hold on to your favorite hemp clothing for 20 years or more, and one of the best things is that hemp fabric will not pill.

Why Won't Hemp Fabric Pill?

Pilling on clothes happens when loosened fibers move out to the surface, which can be a very easy and natural process to occur on some fabrics.

Due to the movements of the material, those loosen fibers then form into little textile knots, which we may know as pills.

Pilling might be a natural thing when it comes to fabrics.

However, it's far more common to happen when the fabric is made with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

Hemp clothing, however, is 100% natural, so the suitability for pilling is really low.

A typical cotton t-shirt, for example, is likely to last up to 10 years at most, but a hemp t-shirt can last double or even triple of that while maintaining a fresh look.

Hemp clothing gets even softer with time, so your hemp outfits will likely last you at least two decades or more.

What makes hemp clothes highly resistant to pilling?

Hemp clothing is made of the stems of the hemp plant, which consists of two layers, the outer and inner layers.

The outer layer is composed of fibers that are similar to a rope.

The inner layer is formed of a woodlike fiber.

While the outer layer is used to make textiles, the inner layer is used for things such as fuel and animal bedding.

When the outer layer fibers are removed from the hemp plant, they can be processed and will be molded into a rope or yarn.

The hemp rope is so strong that it was once the primary choice for sails on maritime vessels.

Still, today, hemp outlives famous as a premium material for clothing that transcends cotton and synthetic textiles by most if not all factors.

How to keep your hemp clothes stronger for longer?

Although hemp is very resistant and not very likely to pill, there are a few things that you can to avoid any accidental pilling.

  • Wash your hemp clothes on the inside out
  • Turning your clothes inside out before washing, you can minimize the amount of contact that it has with different pieces of clothing in the wash.

    • Don't use very hot water temperature when washing your hemp clothing.

    Washing your hemp clothes under 50 degrees  is the perfect temperature to keep your hemp clothes to last for longer.

    • Air dry is better for any clothes.

    Hemp dries extremely fast, and that's why tumble dryers can make the fabric more wrinkling. To keep your hemp clothes looking good for longer, air drying this the better way to dry your hemp clothes.

    Final Thoughts:

    Wearing hemp clothing is not only a better option for the environment but your wallet as well.

    When you buy hemp clothes, you can be reassured that it will last for a very long time and that hemp fabric will not pill. 

    Plus you can clutch a boat with it, how can you resist not to try the magic of hemp clothing?

    What could be better than wearing a fantastic eco-friendly piece of clothing that will look new for many many years to come?

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