CBD Dosage Guide

If it is your first time trying CBD,  you must go through these few steps to get an optimal "CBD experience".

From one product to another, the administration methods are very similar.


Step 1: Try the minimal dose, around 5-15mg or 1 gummy

*If you have a 30ml bottle with a concentration of 500mg, you have 16.6mg/ml. Dropper's graduation usually starts at 0.25ml.

Step 2:Test this initial dose for 1 or 2 days

Step 3: Readjust if needed, if you don't feel the result, you can double the initial dose and test it for 1 or 2 days as well.

*Double the doses until you find your sweet spot

Step 4: Consistency is key

*You will feel the effect of CBD soon after you take it (between 15-60 min depending on the absorption method). Although, before having substancial results you may have to use it every day for a few weeks.

Step 5: Enjoy your CBD!


*Everybody is different, therefore the dosage can vary from one person to another. Hight, weight, general health, and genetics are all factors that may affect how much CBD a person needs.

*Less is more, too much CBD can cause undesirable side effects. This is why we strongly recommend to start small and built to your perfect dose.

*If your dose ends up being bigger than 1 or 2 ml, you will probably want to try a higher concentration to get a more pleasurable experience, and having your product lasts longer.

*There is no limit concerning the application of the topical balm. Just massage the tender area and wait for the CBD to do his work.