Our Unique Promise

Diamond Service

We promise to give you the best shopping experience possible.

Fully secure, SSL encrypted website. And we never store your credit card details, or share any of your personal data.

A Full, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. That’s how much we stand behind our products!

Fast, worldwide shipping - so if you’re in a country that allows our products, you’ll get it as soon as possible.

Diamond Quality

We will only give you the finest quality products possible.

100% Organic hemp from Denmark - which has the strictest quality standards in the world.

Highest quality, full-spectrum CO2 extraction process from the leading experts in California.
Top quality secondary ingredients - from completely natural beeswax, to GMO free MCT oil, Organic hemp, gluten free, no chemicals, no artificial flavor. 

Diamond Clarity

We believe our customers deserve to know exactly what’s in the products they buy from us.

Every batch of hemp and extracts are fully tested by us.

Each of our products is also independently tested by a top chemical analysis laboratory.
The latest certificate analysis will always be available to our customers


Diamond Dmeocracy

✔️ 4 months of payment interest free.

✔️ Fully verified by independent labs. So you can be confident that our potency is accurate and that there are no contaminants or chemicals present. See the result on the lab test section.

✔️ Non-toxic CO2 extraction. Although CO2 extraction is more expensive, it produces the purest quality extract possible and includes a full spectrum of all the beneficial substances in hemp - including Cannabidiol.

✔️ Guarantee. All our products are 365 days guarantee, so you have plenty of time to test the products, find your ideal dosage that works for you, and it may not be a perfect fit for you, so even if the bottle is empty, you can send it back to us and we will give your money back. We trust our quality. This is why we are the leader in giving our customers 100% risk free purchase.

✔️ Organic hemp, for us it doesn’t only mean our hemp grows without chemical or heavy metal. It means we follow mother heart rules, it takes 4 months to grow and to make sure we have the maximum potency in the plant, giving us some of the best hemps on the market. It is also grown by a family farmers who are convinced that offering quality is the best way to build a long term brand.

See our lab tests
Other Brands

❌ One time full payment only

❌ Not independently verified. Meaning the contents could have chemicals, fungal or bacterial contaminants and may be extremely diluted or not even contain any Cannabinoid at all! 

❌ Low potency. The potency of many brands is extremely low - way below the minimum effective dose. They often dilute their product with ‘hemp seed oil’ - which contains no Cannabidiol at all, but sounds like it would.

❌ Chemically extracted CBD. It’s much cheaper to use chemical solvents to extract Cannabidiol from hemp - this is a poor quality extract, and often contains traces of dangerous chemicals.

❌ Guarantee. Majority of the brands offer no satisfaction guarantee at all, or a maximum of 30 days, which means if it doesn’t fit for you, or the shipping is delayed, you will not be able to test it properly.

❌ Industrial hemp. It means fast growth hemp to maximize the profit, industrial hemp takes two months to grow instead of 4, it’s better for the company profits but not for the consumers. They have fewer cannabinoids in their hemp so the quality isn’t there.